All races should finish with a beer !

On Sunday I completed the Braishfield 5m race which routed around, unsurprisingly Braishfield near Romsey.

Having not been to this part of Hampshire before, wow just wow! Very picturesque and beautiful, thatched cottages, classic car – all a bit Darling Buds of May (unfortunately without Catherine Zeta Jones)!

Anyway, the weather was stunning when I set off, very hot and there were a lot of Hedgies participating which was great. The start was a little remote:


The race started with a lap of this field to thin out the crowds (let the speedys speed off and the less speedy people, amble nicely).

I went to the race with high hopes and have been training and felt confident (so much I had asked my wife if she wanted to come and watch), however I struggled mentally… I’ve always been one of those people that turned up to a race in a non descript t-shirt and kept myself to myself and survived the race. This time I was in a Hedgie vest, people were reading the logo on the front as they walked past and I did a warm up with the running club etc. I think it all worried me out of my comfort zone etc.

Anyway, as a result of the above and generally I just couldn’t find my rhythm the first couple of miles were hell with a combination of mental anger and general annoyance! The race itself is one long lap and one little lap and when I got to the meeting point of the two laps when the winning runners were flying past I decided to make a decent fist of it as my wife and kids were there and pushed on a bit and it felt like I really pushed the last 2.5 miles and finished with a pb of 51mins (for me about 5 or 6 minutes off my expected time).

The race finish was great, in the field of the village hall where on completion a pint of beer and a slice of cake was passed out. Fantastic and a great way to finish the race in the sunshine! See below:

A nice pint of beer!  (the girls took the cake..)
A nice pint of beer!
(the girls took the cake..)

In the evening I downloaded my race from my tomtom watch. My km splits were within 10 seconds of each other throughout the race! I was ridiculously shocked and can’t believe it as mentally thought I was appalling in the first half and Kenyan like in the second! Feels like I need to work on the mental side a bit more…


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