Loved it ! Endure 24 great combination of team and individual

I’ve purposefully waited a couple of days before posting about the endure 24 event at Waverly park near Newbury due to my general excitement about the event.

To give some background, this event is well known on the running calendar and is billed as a team relay event where you try and cover as many miles as possible in 24 hours by handing over a virtual batton.

I answered a facebook post from my running club saying someone had pulled out and did I fancy it, I did as I tend to say yes more than no!

I’m unsure how to write this blog… chronoligcal order or the things that made it an amazing weekend. I’m going top three themes:

1 – As the title of my blog suggested, this event it turned out was perfect for me. I’m a rugby player first and foremost and love the team spirit and camaraderie this bings. This event had the team element to it, from the Friday night isotonic beers, general p1ss taking throughout the weekend and more importantly the team support when you were feeling nervous or tired or both! and then the individual aspect of going out there and doing your lap, alone. 

Me chilling inbetween laps: 

The course! Apart from that bl00dy hill after the 5k mark it was a great course with enough things going on to keep you interested and honest and the run into the camp made you think you were there and then made you run a bit more! The atmosphere at the finish line was great and again, probably sensing I needed a bit more support than most there always seemed to be someone there to cheer me in!

Finally my team! At the risk of being nice about them, a rule we did our best to avoid over the weeeknd (!), they were great. Supportive when needed, kick up the ass when needed and overall good bunch of people! Karen was like a terrier as soon as she got the baton, Anna fast as hell (6 laps!!!) and also great at ensuring everyone always had a brew in their hand, Mike and Richard – competing over the fastest times and great at encouraging the team and finally Mark – 6 laps as well but also great at keeping things ticking along and espcially me! Enough of being nice, they were a bunch of weirdos which is why I felt like I fitted in ok !!! I did laugh so much my sides  hurt on the sunday

Team SOS:


To finish off – I’m definetely doing it again! Hopefully in the same team


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