Thinking Time

Why the lack of posts for three months…

Well basically I was a little confused as to where to take my running in 2016. Was it a priority in my sporting head or still the secret affair on the side of my main love rugby?

Luckily, not being a great thinker, events took a turn and sorted most of it out for me!

  1. Find out the London Marathon ballot result – didn’t get a place…
  2. Enter the Hedge End Running Club London Marathon ballot – no real chance of getting a place but worth a try
  3. Enter the Brighton marathon as a consolation and something to keep running for
  4. Enter Endure 24 (see previous post) and Race to the Kings (unfinished business). Three big events in 2016, all within reach and will keep me ticking over
  5. My wife decides to run London for a charity very close to her heart
  6. Randomly I get a place in London through the Hedgies (still can’t believe it)
  7. My wife and I get drunk….. decide to run the London and Milton Keynes marathons (one week after another) for her charity KIDS to raise more awareness and more money
  8. I decide to defer Brighton as 3 in 3 weeks is just too much…

So that’s 2016 sorted!

Is running still my secret bit on the side? I think I’m moving more towards a Mormon approach with maybe a couple of wives…


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