Review of the Year and 2015 Awards

As my end of year review I’m going to say the first thing I remember about each race I’ve done this year. Starting from the left…


  • ABP Southampton 10k – Nice enjoyable run in my home town. Itchen bridge was a git.
  • Gosport golden mile – Wet, just very wet!
  • Atlanta Hot Chocolate 15k – Run itself was very hilly but the after party was awesome! DJ’s, dancing and amazing swag bags
  • Sophie’s appeal 5k – Held at Southampton Airport, glad I did it but runways never end… on father’s day, great cause and I have a daughter called Sophie (she loved the medal).
  • Endure 24 – Really enjoyed it. Camping, great team, walking down Hedgie alley between all the Hedge End Running Club tents, congratulating you after your lap.
  • Action Challenge Thames Path 50k – Happiest I’ve run. Felt like I ran the whole thing with a smile on my face.
  • Samlan Go Dad Run 5k – Fun run with my brother (his first race) and a great tape measure in the goody bag!
  • Coastal Harbour 50k in Portsmouth – Cold and wet, but good fun
  • Paris Marathon – shouldn’t have done it, did it and swore a lot during and after (mostly when attempting steps).
  • Somerley 10k – start of my year of trying to get a bit better at running. Felt embarrassed being so slow.
  • Project Search Glow Run – Atlanta. Measuring the course is always nice before the run rather than guessing….
  • Tropical Smoothie 5k fun run – enjoyable run in parkland. Great smoothies and massage!
  • HBCU 10k – Not my most enjoyable run but great swag bags.
  • Atlanta Beer and Meatball run – 5 miles then beer and meatballs – enough said (can’t find my t-shirt).
  • Braishfield Beer Run – 10k and you got beer and cake (no t-shirt I think).

Whilst I’m on a roll, my awards for the year

  • Best Medal – Hot Chocolate 15k.
  • Most treasured medal – Action Aid Thames Path 50k – happy happy days.
  • Best Swag bags – any american race. No medal but so, so much swag.
  • Best comment from my wife – what the hell were you doing that pace for, do you think you’re a Kenyan!
  • Worst moment – pulling out of Race to the Stones. My wife and a good friend had come to the checkpoint to make sure I carried on but I just couldn’t take one more step. Injuries, fatigue and a knee that had decided it was done. Still a big disappointment.
  • Hardest moment – getting out of the car to congratulate the rest of the team for finishing Race to the Stones. Could barely bring myself to do it but but couldn’t not as they would do the same for me.
  • Bad influence award – me bringing out cheese and port at endure 24 when all around were drinking Lucozades (other brands are available…).
  • Maybe not myself award – asking (*demanding*) a girl to get up from her seat on the Paris Metro post race so I could sit down as was a bit tired and emotional… I think she was scared.
  • Best support crew – my wife for letting me do these silly things!
  • Best post run food – Atlanta beer and meatballs run! all the local restaurants competing with each other for the best meatballs!!! Oh and beer! (honourable mention to the Braishfield beer run).
  • Top 3 running products/equipment – Vaseline, vaseline and vaseline!
  • Next 3 running products/equipment – TomTom watch, cap, cadburys fruit and nut.
  • Special Award – Hedge End Running Club – I joined mid way though 2015 and what a nice bunch! I guess we run a bit to…

BRING ON 2016!!!


One thought on “Review of the Year and 2015 Awards

  1. Stefan – every year I think you have done enough crazy things and every year you outdo yourself – (in craziness and things!) you are an awesome inspiration and the most selfless running partner, you’ve got me through every (very short) race I’ve run – looking forward to double marathon week in 2016 – Nicola

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