Finding my Inner Dog – Somerley 10k

I write this post still slightly damp from this morning but more to come on that later…

I entered the 2016 race as I did this race in 2015 and wanted to do the same course to see if/how I’d progressed in the last 12 months and also as a kick off to my 2016 year of races etc.

Reason 1 – out of the window as soon as I woke up when my main debate was whether to take the car or hire a boat to the start! All the way to the race I was hoping my phone would ping with an email saying the race had been cancelled but nope they are made of hard stuff in Somerley!

The course is held in the grounds of Somerley House starting directly in front of the grand house  then out and round the grounds twice. The course is relatively flat with one decent hill up to the house to start lap 2. On a wet day, you see the house (I’m sure I saw someone from Downton looking at us like we should be committed)and the rest is just water!

On arrival the stewards were having a nightmare trying to park cars in a way that they wouldn’t be stuck getting out and also not on any flooded fields… I was lucky enough to spot a gab and put the car in it. The view from inside the car was less than pleasant:

I think this is the nearest I’ve come to saying, sod this and driving home!

Anyway, I saw a Hedgie friend Yvonne so thought I have to stay now and embraced my inner dog. I walked to the start and it’s at moments like this that you really do think you may be going mad! You’re wet through, shivering and chatting to someone as if it was all totally normal…

The run itself was OK, the heavy rain relented after about 30 minutes to just rain and once your feet are wet, why avoid puddles! I was lucky in this run that Yvonne and Tracey allowed me to run with them as otherwise I would have taken a lot longer and the dark clouds I don’t think would have been too far away! Their encouragement and chivying me on, meant that I finished in what was an OK time for me and I had a real sense of satisfaction at the end!


Overall a good local race, organised by volunteers for charity who I know wanted the rain even less than we did!!! But still a good turn out and I’m pleased I have the first race and medal in the bag for 2016.

On a final note, I haven’t yet mastered the art of standing in a field full of water, with a towel round my waist whilst removing my shorts to put on some tracksuit bottoms… To the poor ladies who saw more than they were expecting and blushed a lot I can only apologise. Please ladies, don’t forget it was very very cold!!!



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