I Forgot my Trainers….

Today was not a good day in the office and one that I need to forget about sooner rather than later…. or should I !

I entered the Old Deer Park half marathon a few weeks back as this was a free weekend to get some race miles in. Old Deer Park is up in Richmond so a quick fire up the M3 in the early hours to get there in time for the start.

Everything organised the night before, breakfast made so I could eat as I drove and clothes laid out so I could just fall out of bed into my shorts.


So far so good, got up, fell into shorts, made a coffee and got in the car and set off with a nagging doubt. I’d forgotten my trainers…

Once fully equipped a nice drive up to the race (I do love an early morning drive) and wandered over to the start which seemed a little haphazard but no dramas.


And yes it does look like I have a new hair style…. (thank you Nicola!)

Once all set up and ready the race started and my summary:


  • Nice course along the tow path by the Thames (same as the Thames Path challenge earlier in the year). It had flooded in places but was OK and nicely muddy
  • OK marshalling… maybe I’ve got used to too high a standard at recent races but..
  • You got a medal!

Less good bits

  • I was rubbish, really rubbish. From my toes to my head nothing worked and I just couldn’t get going… I thought being passed by a Rhino and Shark at the London Marathon was bad but this was a whole other level. I can’t even bring myself to look at the race placings as I think I might be in the bottom 10.
  • I didn’t walk at all at least, but I think I was overtaken by two slugs going for a leisurely Sunday walk (they weren’t holding hands though because that would be ridiculous!)
  • I had no control whatsoever on thoughts of just jacking in the whole thing including the marathons in April.

I have had a few hours to digest this morning’s race and am still waiting for the post race high. My wife has taken the kids out for a couple of hours (I think for their own safety). What the hell happened… I’m normally towards the back as have never been fast, but not at the back and struggling to stay there!

Yes I’ve been busy with work, but always have been, Yes I’ve had loads of things on, but always have done, Yes I have young children, but I have an amazing wife who takes the brunt. Yes I had a few too many drinks on Friday, but that probably happens more than I would like to admit. And yes I know that I was faster than everyone sat on the sofa but that doesn’t help for some reason…

At a loss… I guess all I can do is go for a run and carry on with my plan etc and hope today was just one of those… I best not forget my trainers though!


PS the rhino and the shark I mentioned earlier passed me as I ran past my kids! They loved it, absolutely loved it! Their first comment when I finished was “Daddy, you were overtaken by a Shark!”


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