Pre-London Report

I always thought I would do a quick blog pre race to try and explain how I feel about the London Marathon on sunday and Matt from the Hedgies reminded me I needed to do one as part of the club ballot conditions (how I got my place).

I’m sat on a Friday night having drunk enough water to fill a swimming pool (yes I’ve been to the toilet between 70-85 times today), eaten more food than I would normally yet strangely calm.

Bag is packed which took ten minutes with my running stuff and some spare stuff as they’re forecasting cold and maybe even snow. Plan tomorrow is to take the kids to their normal sports lessons and then get the train up. My wife is going up first thing to go to the expo and then we’re meeting at the hotel in the afternoon.

The expo was good fun, I managed to restrain my self and only bought a hoodie. I also had the pleasure of going up with a friend, Simon, who loved it all as well, which helped get us both in the mood.


So I guess that’s the logistics piece, how do I feel (not something men are allowed to discuss):

Scared witless – it’s a bl00dy long way. I’ve trained in a totally different way to most people to preserve my knees but have run more than I ever have. 429km’s since christmas which hopefully is enough.

Emotional – I’ve just checked our fundraising page and people have supported us to the tune of £4109. Every time I see it I have to take a step back, that’s a huge huge amount of money and support. It’s a vote of confidence that we’re going to do this and also I know every penny of that money will help children like my brother in law Harry.


Excited – it’s the bloomin london marathon ! THE LONDON MARATHON

Grateful – I joined the running club for purely selfish reasons and I wasn’t sure I would stay past a couple of months. Ignoring the fact I was lucky enough to get a ballot place, what a nice bunch of people. People that will give you the support or kick up the ass when you struggle, will help you over the finish line when you can’t take another step, make you feel invincible and generally support you. It really is a community.

Proud – my wife Gemma has been awesome training for the marathon and she is going to smash it on Sunday. This is her first London and she properly ready to go. She had a wobble on Wednesday (a beer was required) but since then she’s on it.

Lucky – Simon, who came to the expo with me is 50/50 with an injury. I was there 3 years ago when I ran when I shouldn’t. I had no useful advice for him. Please please please wake up tomorrow with the injury gone.

So, with it approaching round the corner, I am feeling calm and just about controlling my emotions, but primarily I don’t want to let everyone who has donated and supported us in this journey down and I want go out there and enjoy the experience, enjoy the day, enjoy the crowd and finish with a big smile on my face as they put the medal round my neck.

Oh and finally:

Confusion – I helpfully bought the same pair of trainers when my old ones started wearing out, but recognising new from the old is harder than you think….

IMG_7355 (1)


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