Love the trail – Maverick Dorset Race

My wife did the Maverick race in the New Forest and recommended it to me so with my wife and kids away why not! This morning I drove the hour or so to deepest darkest Dorset (past Corfe Castle – very nice) to the race HQ.

You can tell it’s going to be a good event when all the support marshals etc have beards! Sure fire sign that they’re good guys!!!

Nice pre-race atmosphere, got my number, coffee and had a chat with a few people and then went back to the car to get organised.

A bit like the Lion King’s circle of life (You have to give me points for a Disney reference) it was the last race for my trail trainers which had more holes than strictly necessary, and a first run out for my Ultimate Direction running vest (I LOVE IT) to see how it did in a race before using it for longer stuff. I was also trying out a new pair of pants and you’ll be pleased to know the mouse stayed in the house and there was no real chaffing!

The race itself has a short, medium and long course and you’re free to change to the race you want as you go round. I was doing the medium 16k race and had no intention of going longer. The race profile looked OK to start followed by a little hill and then a proper bigun! 

I disagree with the following statement:

I’m more than happy with flat!

Race briefing was good fun (and very relaxed in the same way as the Coastal Trail Series earlier in the year) and we were off:

My only gripe for the race was that we ran about half a mile and then hit a stile! I then had to wait 18minutes before I got over it which was a bit of a pain in the bum. But being British we all queued very nicely and politely!

The course started with some nice trails then into some woods before popping out onto a path leading to a big rock!

As you can see I was working quite hard at that point! No idea what the Rock is…. (Answers on a postcard).

From there it was another climb up to 

You can just see the path we ran along on the first photo and the horses looked at us like we were idiots! Not the first time…

Then onto the Purbeck Trail path and up an absolute git of a hill ! From the top then some undulation and a small rise before heading for home. But there was a near life threatening injury… If you are of a nervous disposition or don’t like the sight of blood, look away, otherwise brace yourself and scroll down (I warned you…)

Assuming you’ve not fainted at the sight of so much blood… As I went over a stile type thing, someone said “watch out for the barbed wire”, “what was that I said?” Don’t worry I’ve found it….

Little run to home and a finish into the finish area. Music playing, lots of beards and a nice medal

After the photo I tried on my finishers t-shirt which obviously didn’t fit very well so went to the finish area and asked if I could swap it for an XXL. I was told they didn’t have any but the young, blonde (some might say hot!) girl said to me that it fitted me very well and showed off my muscles ! I’m not saying I’m cheap, but I strode off, chest out for about 15 meters before I had to take it off as couldn’t breathe!!!

Anyway.. Would recommend the Maverick races, good fun, very tough but great location, great scenery and a really friendly bunch of people.


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