Friday, Funday, Runday

There’s a very enthusiastic running group at work who go out every Friday. I’ve been meaning to go out with them for a while and after some persuasion form my team I did for the first time today.

The aim was to go in a slower group with Jess who is starting her training for her September of Sport (4 challenges in 4 weeks).

The group assembled


Mike (the confident guy in bright neon) was hoping to be seen by Tim Peake up in space!!!

Once the quickies ran off (some french students gave Mike a cheer) Jess and I went on our merry way around London.

As we were missing some runners we had to recruit:

Then, I have no idea why this happens, we went past a Walkabout bar and Jess suddenly went all Ozzie – she ran in trying to find Alf Ramsey and came out with a shrimp from the Barbie, a fosters and with loud Strewth Tourettes !!!


After a quick change into our superhero outfits:


We were done.

A nice little lunchtime run, saw some sights of London and had a giggle. Thoroughly recommend!





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