The Portchester 10k

The kids were away, my wife was signed up to do this race and she convinced me to email the organiser to see if I could get a place despite it being full. He very kindly let me enter as long as I bought a race t-shirt (of course it didn’t fit…)

The pre-race was a bit odd in so much as you were asked to go and get your number the day before, no one did as why would you when you could pick up on the day but this did mean a bit of hanging around as there was a strict policy of must pick up the number by x time which wasn’t at all enforced.

Anyway, the race location, Portchester Castle is lovely, beautiful, scenic, by the coast and also includes a church within the grounds. We went to a wedding there 13-14 years ago for Dave and Rachel. It’s stuck in our memory because we were a little late and just dumped the car on a verge and ran into the church past the bride as she was about to walk down the aisle…. I put a post on Facebook to this end and dind’t think much of it.

The race had loads of Hedgies running so was nice to catch up with them as been a bit off the radar recently.

The race itself kicked off, 2.5 laps of the course starting and finishing in the castle. The lap went like this:

Nice bit on the road, bit in some fields to get attacked by brambles, run along a sea wall where one slip and you were in the mud, shingle round the castle, along the sea wall, turn along a filed, back along some road/paths and same again.

Basically, I found it bloomin hard work and thought I was doing rubbish but actually my pace was OK and I managed to hold my own in the field. This was helped by the fact that I had some encouragement from the pub we ran past from Dave and Rachel!!! Having seen my post on Facebook they’d wandered down to watch the race and encourage (!) me round. I haven’t seen them for ages so as I went past 3 times we arranged to meet for a beer after!

Finished the race, OK time and met up with the other Hedgies. Varying views on the race to be honest. I’m pleased I did it but not sure I would sign up for it next year. But the race did give me a chance to catch up with Dave and Rachel (I went to school with Dave) and probably hadn’t seen him in 10 years!


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