Battersea Chase the Sun 5k that became 10k

A colleague at work, to raise money for charity close to her heart, organised a September of sport with events every weekend ranging from massive cycle rides, triathlons and half marathons with this event also thrown in as a mid week sharpener! An amazing thing to be doing!!! I came along for the ride as I knew I would need the run and I never turn down the chance of a run and a bit of bling!

The race itself I didn’t give much thought to as it would be like all the other battersea park races, 2 laps of the main ring for the 5k and 4 for the 10k with a few marshals dotted round. This is not belittling the organisers in any way but it’s the most efficient way of doing it and as it’s a park it makes sense. In terms of distance, you signed up for the race and decided whether to do 5k and stop or carry on to 10k, on the night. I hadn’t given it much thought but would just play it by ear.

I didn’t do great at the race, but with some reflection it’s maybe not as bad as I thought last night. In terms of context, work has been mental recently and the day of the race was spent in back to back meetings with a quick sarnie at lunch, little or no water and definetely not enough fuel for a walk let a lone a run. The meetings overran so Jess and I quickly got changed and jumped in a cab arriving at the park at 6:45, 5 minute walk to the start, quickly grabbed our numbers and dumped our bags, got in line and started the race at 6:57!!! As race prep goes….

The first 5k was broadly OK and actually at a decent pace for me, running with Jess helped as well as when I started to feel it I had to keep up with her and vice versa. The laps followed the normal route so that was all good.

At 5k, Jess stopped as she has much much bigger fish to fry and she wanted to just manage a slight injury she has. For the k before I was thinking what option to take. I knew I was in for a rubbish last 5k but I also knew I had to go through it as I had to kick through the miles at some point so made the decision to carry on going and go for the 10k which I guess I Always knew I would but…

The next 2 laps were pretty awful really and just a slog, something up to last summer I had just started not doing as had got much fitter etc so that was very disappointing and just generally being passed by people for 5k wasn’t exactly inspiring, BUT on reflection, at least I did it and I’m taking yesterday as my first steps to next year’s big races (once I work out what they are).

So all in all, with regard the race itself, very good efficient, effective organisation and would recommend if looking for a mid week race but for me in terms of race performance it wasn’t great (but in hindsight I didn’t help myself) but from a positive perspective, first steps to big races next year!

Post posting the race photos were posted on Facebook free of charge so have included below:


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