City vs Wharf 5k in Victoria Park

As mentioned in my previous post, I entered some races to support a colleague who was attempting a September of Sport. She’s had to abandon ship unfortunately due to injury so she’s now looking at an Awesome April.

The race itself I was toying with not doing all day as did a 10k on Monday evening and it’s a long way from my office. But, on the basis that every training run and rave is a step nearer to the Guernsey Ultra next April I got changed and jumped on the tube.

The race was organised by Fix Events, my first race with them, and the set up was good. Quite informal but had everything you needed. No frills but in a good way and everything available that you would need.

The idea of the race is to pitch workers from Canary Wharf against those from the City. I’m not sure anyone bought into it but many companies had sent teams, HSBC, ING, RBS, Mintel, IG etc. The feel of the race was a smaller, more friendly version of the JP Morgan chase challenge and I think I’ll be encouraging my company to send people to this race rather than the JP Morgan one next year.
The race kicked off at 6 and was one long lap round the park followed by a smaller lap. I managed to much about with my watch before the race so much that it didn’t work so I just ran without technology (a scary thought!). 

The course was pleasant and I just plodded round as I do normally and just did the first lap feeling OK and then on the second lap pushed a little bit but not too much. To my pleasant surprise I can in just outside my PB which was a great feeling.

Got my medal and bag (took seconds rather than the half an hour at JP Morgan) grabbed some water and wandered back to the tube to head back.

Overall, a nice event. Informal and relaxed with all the bits you need. I enjoyed the run, which always make the race feel better, decent medal and well spread field which meant I finished middlish rather than at the back. See you next year!


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