Oktoberfest 6k Race /excuse for a large sausage and a beer!

As I’ve posted before on my blog, I’m quite a big fan of the races organised by Fit Pro Rob / Rob Pigott in Portsmouth and this was no exception. 

My wife and I had entered as we didn’t have the kids and I could squeeze this in before rugby in the afternoon (subsequently cancelled) + the thought of an German Oompa band, a large German sausage and a pint after the race kind of swung it in our favour!

I’d had a chest infection the week before so I’d decided to go along, see how I did and if need be would walk a bit if I felt my chest hurting. 

Pre-race was the normally well organised affair, easy number pick up, toilets in the sports centre and general milling around looking at people’s great outfits and realising I should have made more of an effort.

The race itself was an out and back, so 3k from the start to the IBM office in Portsmouth and back. No roads crossed, nearly all by the side of the water so most pleasant!!! I did OK, mid table and quite enjoyed the run to be honest. Didn’t try and push myself too much and once I’d found my natural position amongst the runners kept my place.

Post race, grabbed a Believe and Achieve beer, my amazing medal (that was some bling) and after a short queue my big sausage and caught up with my wife and some friends who had also done the race.

Not much more to say! Good race, well organised as always, lovely medal, beer and a sausage always welcome and great band!


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