Mud, Water and face paint! Brutal 10

What else would you want to do on NYE on a cold December morning than run around a military base up and down hill and through water! The Brutal series give you this and more.

I did this race 2 years ago and had a bit of a nightmare with my back going half way round and having to basically walk round the remainder. This time, even though I’d done the 50k a couple one days before I was sure with some stretching and  taking it easy I’d be fine.

My wife, Rammers and I were also doing it with Mike, Dan and Naomi (Brutal Virgins as they were called!) who were very excited and ad brought face paint, alcohol and nervous laughter!!!

The race itself kicked off at 10:05 with a nice flattish km before the first water and sand areas before repeated hills and descends in lots of mud and some water obstacles thrown in! In a weird way the glacier cold water on my calves really helped them as was a bit like an ice bath!!!

The Camaraderie was great as always, especially as we came towards the mid way “bog of doom” where you fall in one end and clamber up the other

No other way of putting this but once the cold water hits your mid section, it somewhat wakes up the body!!!! The guy in front of me asked me to pick up his balls as they had fallen off!!!

The next 4K was hard work with some of the bigger hills that needed to be scrambled up on hand and knees but before long coming round to the finish, a last bog of slurry and home!

As you can see all nice and muddy! After the initial excitement of finishing the cold set in and the trauma of getting changed in the car park to get nice and warm.

What I should have done, is used a towel etc to cover up, Instead I went for the get naked in the car park, scared some children, a lady driving a car nearly crashed into the car in front and generally enjoyed the freedom!!!! 

My wife however went for the Nora Batty look in the car park

So in summary, great race, cheap to enter, well organised, lovely people and a great way to finish off the year!

I would recommend this race to anyone!!!


2 thoughts on “Mud, Water and face paint! Brutal 10

  1. Sounds truly hideous…my idea of a nightmare race, glad you enjoyed I though. I celebrated my birthday on NYE by running a muddy half marathon on a reclaimed coal mine in Kent, fun but rather more sedate than your event.

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