Now the gear! The best bit!!!

OK, so the shock of getting a place in the OCC has gone and the training is going OK mileage is steadily creeping up (very slowly) so my thoughts have turned to my gear and I need your help with most of it!

Socks – this feels simple as I’ve used the Salomon x-wing socks for the last 4 years. My white socks have that beautiful grey glaze about them… they work, don’t give me blisters and I normally buy a couple of pairs a year!


Pants – A new find from last year, Runderwear! Pure awesomeness, no chaffing and once I worked out which way to put them on, even better! Please be aware though that they also do a women’s thong version. If in a rush, they all look the same… that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!! I thought long and hard about posting a photo of my body but just for my fans see below..


So far so good… now shorts!

Shorts – I can’t tell you the amount of shorts I’ve bought! Thank god for the facebook running buy and sell group I can buy, try and then sell! for the last few years I’ve used basic Nike running shorts and cut out the pant thing inside. However, the stock hasn’t been replenished and when the lady behind you in a yoga class (yes I did mean to go, I wasn’t lost), mentions that next time “could you please wear shorts without a whole in the crotch as it was quite distracting”! Yep, hunt for shorts started again. So far, my current favourite are some Salomon ones I picked up on facebook. They’re great, fit well and give some compression on my thighs BUT when you sweat, or in my case like a snowman in the sahara it basically looks like you have incontinence! The grey material when wet goes dark grey and yep not flattering at all ! Those of you that know me, know I don’t care how I look but even I draw the line at that… so back to the drawing board! Any recommendations? Salomon can you help?


T-shirt – I guess I’ll just wear one I was given in a race that fits well? current favourite is the endure 24 one from 2 years ago!

Watch – I love my TomTom watch, I really do BUT it wont last 12 hours. So, any recommendations on a simple watch (all I need is pace, distance covered and the time) that will last that length of time? My watch is normally cleaner but it still has the mud from my brutal race last weekend.


Trainers – I bring you my new trainers bought today! Have already been for a run in both, but nowhere where they could get dirty! road shoes, I used to have the Mizuno inspire but the model I have haven’t been sold for a year or so. After trying on many many shoes I ended up with the Adidas Boost! felt amazing and really supportive yet soft!

A massive thank you to the guys at Alton Sports for their expertise and patience. They currently have a 2 for 1 deal on so well worth heading down there!

In terms of trail shoes, I had some asics before but this time, again after trying on many pairs, ended up with some Inov8 Roklite trainers. I haven’t used them enough yet to know if these are the ones for the OCC but will keep you posted.

Before and After pics below:

So starting with the basics above, next step once this is sorted, rucksack, poles etc and the mandatory kit list….

thanks for reading and look at my shiny new trainers!


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