Should really start training!

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts, hoorah I hear you cheer (both of you).

Just wanted to give an update on how plans are progressing for the OCC in August. Been a weird start to the year really. Normally Q1 is a proper build up to the marathon season with London, or Paris, Milton Keynes etc. This year, I decided with my A event in August I wouldn’t do that as my concentration wouldn’t last that long and I’m just not sure I can focus for that long. Instead, I just tried to go for an approach of just doing something most days. A short run, a cycle, a spin class or whatever happened to be available on the day. I must say, I would recommend it! Thoroughly enjoyable training with no pressure.

I knew I had a busy March and April with work, skiing holiday etc and my thinking was always come back in mid April then set sail for the OCC. I went back to my first blog post and read what I wanted to be my golden rules to see if I had managed them (as I had forgotten them…).

  • No junk miles – broadly, yes but still liable to go for a quick run because I feel like I ought to
  • Do it around family life – so far yes but will get more tricky
  • Do some yoga and focus on my core – I have done some yoga but not much but instead….. have hired a personal trainer! More about that in a future blog as really good but not something I would normally do
  • Ask for help – kind of…
  • Mental – I’ve done nothing on this and need to!
  • Say thank you to my wife – oops, thank you and don’t forget how lucky you are to be married to me!!!

So kind of on track but need to kick it up a few gears over the next months. Expect more blog posts to try and keep me honest! In terms of race reviews I’ve done a few minor things which weren’t really races but I did do the Isle of Wight round the island cycle race (the baby version)!

Now, cyclists worry me, specifically the sheer volume of lycra!!! I thought I would join the crew and bought an XXL top as was told sizing was small! No sh1t! It was sent back when I put it on and my wife just laughed followed by the kids saying, you’re not actually wearing that out are you?

So my mamil (middle aged men in lycra) days aren’t here yet and that’s probably a relief to the local community ! Instead, basically I wear running gear with a sleeveless top!

I saddled up on my trusty steed (10 year old hybrid that cost about £100) and off we went. Genuinely, what an experience. Led by the ever patient Mark and Jenny (honestly, I’ve never met more patient people in my life), we got the ferry over with a million other cyclists and cycled up a hill for 50 odd kilometres then got the ferry back. There may have been some downhills but I never saw them… and it rained. BUT, and race directors take not, it was FREE! If you wanted a medal, well a badge, you paid for it.

and yes I primarily gave moral support to Mark fixing my puncture who inside just wanted to get home away from his annoying brother in law! He loves me really…

Plus points of cycling – it’s a bit of a giggle, you get cake and you get to see new stuff. Bad points, hills, hills and more hills !

Since then, I’ve been a brave boy and purchased a racing bike (ebay job) which I’ve taken out a couple of times to get used to it. Not a big fan but am trying… I have named him Gary! Mostly because it reminds me of the only fools and horses episode when they capture an illegal immigrant in Calais. When in pain on the bike, I remember that episode, my brother and I laughing our heads off as kids watching it and plod on!

Apart from that, I’ve found Strava – quite like it! Bought some cheat sticks which I need to try really, and have my first race of the season this Sunday in Guernsey which will give me a real view as to where I am on my journey (insert some x-factor style music). The race at the weekend will let me know where I need to focus on and build up so lets see.. I’m actually quite chilled but excited as however it goes it will set my path for the next few months. If it doesn’t go well, I always need a bit of a kick up the butt !

Keep on cycling, running or whatever you do as you only live once.


One thought on “Should really start training!

  1. Stefan you are an inspiration to us all. Speaking to you immediately after your IoW cycle I got a sense of what a dedicated athlete you are. Fair play! Go get ’em tiger!


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