A Rose Between Two Chatty Thorns!

I keep hearing how good White Star Races are and to be honest, I was getting a bit bored of it all. It’s only a bl00dy race!!! But the disciples kept banging on about it and I was at a loose end Saturday morning. I therefore posted on facebook if anyone had a place they couldn’t use and bingo bango I was going to try a White Star Race – the Larmer 10.

Facebook stalker Becky spotted the facebook chat and offered me a lift so all good. Despite the biblical rain that was falling, I stepped out at 6:45 with a coffee to get in the car with a big smile as I could finally see what the fuss was about. I got in the car and it started… Bridget (Little B) and Becky (Big B, sorry Medium B) did not stop talking the whole way! Wow, those two have skills…. But I knew there was no way it could continue in the race. I was wrong…

Registration was simple and friendly and the general vibe was very relaxed. Quick change in the rain where I procrastinated about taking my waterproof coat or not. This took ages and the end I went with taking it. I wore it for about 200 meters before getting too hot and spending the next 10 miles carrying it despite the rain…

I couldn’t hear the race briefing but I’m sure it was good, so instead we took selfies!


In summary, the course was great, all off road and muddy, lots of awesome hills, everyone was very friendly, the marshals hilarious at times and generally a really feel good race! I can’t emphasise the feel good element enough. Little B and medium B did not shut up and we covered a range of topics that I’m still in a little bit of shock from. But needless to say the hills upset the chatting rhythm:


A word must go to the couple who had a full on domestic next to us a few miles in. It was so good, that when he left looking very sheepish we had to laugh hysterically. Luckily she laughed with us… Most couples will sympathise with the “but I thought it would be nice to run together, but could you hurry up a little” followed by “why don’t you just f off, I never wanted to run with you” etc etc. Fair play to him, he waited at the finish for her, unsure if he was going to be hugged or punched!!!

The Love Station – the much fabled love station… now, I may get excommunicated for this. It was good, but there was no music and it was the booze that saved it for me!!! Blackberry vodka, orange vodka and Dorset beer! I obviously had to sample it all to make sure it was OK. Maybe they were saving the music for the bigger races….

(note to reader, have since been told they lost a wire so couldn’t play music and it was back on as soon as they located the pesky wire – all is right in the world now)


Anyway, the run was lovely and we had a great time. I couldn’t have wished for better running companions (even if I did come home and sit in a dark corner slowly rocking from side to side)!!!


To be very clear, little B wasn’t trying to dry hump the tree, she was pretending to be a horse and jumping over it and got stuck. As I said…it was an experience!!!

I’ll be looking out for their next races as they were great fun and the post run food awesome, but don’t tell the White Star Disciples, as I don’t want to give them the satisfaction that they were right!!!




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