An Update as I Know You’ve Missed Me!

Seeing  a post from a friend with a link to her blog (it’s rather good should you want to have a look, she’s a proper runner person who writes about real running stuff and uses proper words and grammar!

Anyway, her post reminded me I hadn’t written in a while so I thought I should really do a quick update. Rather than do a list, I thought I should do lessons I’ve learnt in the last couple of month!

It’s rather nice bringing people together for a common cause!

As part of our fundraising for Ride London, we organised a 14 hour cyclathon where one of the 3 of us (Naomi, Jenny and I) would be riding constantly and then people could volunteer, for a tenner, to come and cycle for an hour. We really weren’t sure if people would come along but we gave it a go and wow, just wow. We had the Coffins come and challenge each other (mum, dad and son), then come back and have another go later, Simon who came in black tie (unsure why but he was very happy with himself), Dan and Pete who came back again later in the day to try and beat their time. It was amazing and raised a silly amount for KIDS and Kicks Count but also reminded me of the power of people coming together for giggles and how much fun that is. But I must also say thank you to: Winde (who still owes me a tenner), Rammers (who overslept and missed his orginal slot), Graham, Linda, Pete, Sandra, Marcus, Cam, Mark H, another Sandra, Hannah, Gemma, Dan P, Beth, Delphine donkey, Little Lisa, Lisa, Kelly, Si, Penny, Tom, Dan and Andy! That’s quite a lot when you write it out!!

I’ve Started Naming Bikes – what the hell???

I was in France on hols, got a bike to do some training and named him Jacques! He hasn’t got a beret or onions on the handlebars but I thought I should honour his heritage.


Even Worse Than Naming Bikes, I’ve Started Trying to Take Arty Strava Photos…

I really don’t know what to say! I thought the worse that would happen when I started cycling was that I would have to wear a lot of lycra all over and be a bit of a knob but no, there’s more…


That’s underneath the Clifton Suspension Bridge (which you cross on the Greenman Ultra) on a ride with my little brother. He’s better looking but hasn’t got my sparkling personality!!!

Laundry Baskets are the Future of Triathlon!

Visiting my parents and to be honest, I was getting a bit bored after a whole 12 hours so looked up races and found the Colliers Triathlon. It’s only a little one and I thought why not give it a go for the first time. It was the next day so I went to the shop and got some swimming trunks and goggles and the rest I cobbled together. What I didn’t have was one of those awesome Tri bags with loads of pockets and gadgets and stuff, so I used a laundry basket!!! I find in these situations when you walk into the transition area holding a basket, is to pretend like they’re the idiots and actually I’m the wise one! That worked wonders until the bloke next to me broke down laughing and saying “well that’s different”. I’m going to paint it a different colour, put some tri stickers on and market it! This time next year Rodney…


Don’t go Swimming the Morning of a Wedding

I still haven’t improved at swimming and it kills me for the rest of the day. Going to a wedding, tired and on a hot day meant I got bat faced very quickly and ended up going home around 10. I’m still ashamed and this is my public apology to the bride and groom. Actually just the bride as she’s scary as hell !

Don’t go Swimming, Then get Bat Faced at a Wedding and Then the Next Day Try and Run a Marathon

You’d think this would be self evident, but for people with the common sense of an amoeba (me), I thought I should put this here.

I attempted the Insomniacs Marathon on the Saturday (it starts at 6pm and you do as much as you like before 6am). Having fallen asleep on the sofa and only just making the start, god it was hard work! It was crazy hot, I had alcohol sweating out of me and it was just a slog. It was made bearable by the company of Lisa and Jo (she’s mad as a box of frogs). Well organised event and good fun, in the circumstances.

A Special Shout out to Cat

I don’t even really know who she is but I was introduced to her by Carlo a couple of years ago and I see her everywhere on the running circuit. Every time I see her she is a boundless ball of happy energy! I’ve no idea where she plugs herself in at night but I want to be like that!


Cat is the one in the green, she wasn’t even doing the race but popped along for a bit to say hello to people! Actually that might have been a cry for help…. oh well, moving on

Sometimes Entering Races on a Whim is a Bad Idea

In France on hols I entered the Trail des Caminols on a whim. Turns out it was very very hilly and one of the hardest in France according to one bloke. Brilliant!

Lovely views and nice people, unfortunately trying to make the cut off I fell down a bit of the hill and was taken back to the start by a rather lovely girl, who then fetched me a beer while I was being treated by the Dr!!! St John’s could learn a thing or two from that…

Only two more to go, stick with it!

People Get Well Grumpy When You Have Fun and They’re Old and Want to Sleep…

Endure 24, the annual gathering of loons started in predicable fashion on the Friday with a couple of beverages. By 1 am, some people didn’t like our rendition of songs in the campsite. I thought they would be soothing lullabies to help them sleep but as it turns out some people can’t appreciate good tastes in music! Tiggy – we’re very sorry and I’m not signed up for next year so you can rest easy!


I know what you’re thinking, what a good looking bunch of athletes!!! It’s Ok, you’re nor the first to think that…

More importantly after 4 years of going to Endure I finally found a way of sleeping in the night! It’s not traditional but it works!!!


I Was Sensible, Yep, Actually Sensible!

My A race for the year was the XNRG Round the Island (Isle of Wight). 2 day’s of about 60k each with my long suffering husband, Rammers. For the first time in ages I actually felt vaguely fit and was looking forward to it. To cut a long story short, the heat and actually more the exposure got us. Rammers first before the end of day 1 and I didn’t start day 2. Gutted, upset, angry but overall I know it was the right call however frustrating. I’ll go back next year and finish it off, if not before.

I forgot one, sorry! A massive congrats to Sandra for doing her first ever 5k! Granted she needed a team of bodyguards, much like Kim Yung Un on a state visit, to help her but she was awesome!!!


Finally, on a weekend with friends last week in Dorking (random I know but good cycling), I came across a roundabout with a massive cock on it! In what town council meeting did people decide, right, on this roundabout, we could have a whole heap of things, but actually, what we need is a giant, silver cock !


That’s it, as you were, Ride London next week – woop woop!


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