Quick Catch up and Then, What Next?

Since Ride London, I guess as most of us do after a big event, I had that dip as a result of achieving my objective for the year. I haven’t really done much since, so there hasn’t been anything interesting to write about! I also got a job after a few months of lazing about and that really gets in the way of doing a lot of things but I guess it does pay the mortgage!!!

But as a quick re-cap since Ride London… My Friend Jenny got married and wanted to cycle through Winchester on her bike, so we went with her and made sure we had horns etc to attract the most attention possible!!! It was a great experience following her as people clapped and cheered on her way to the church

The wedding itself was good and well celebrated!

On the Sunday of the wedding, I jumped in the car and headed for Caen and the Calvados region to meet Andy “living in Paris but hates France and the French but married to a French woman” Heissig, and we had a few days being all civilised. Actually we went on a silly cycle doing a chunk of the “route du cidre”. In essence, cycle a bit, drink cider and calvados and repeat many times!!! The route is all marked out and well publicised. We had a fantastic time, apart from the monster hills!!!!

I’m hoping by now Andy’s posterior will have recovered. Potentially not having ridden for a 10 years before our ride was an oversight for him but hey ho!

I just had time to squeeze in one more thing before starting work and that was the Pony Express ultra in the New Forest. The run was organised by XNRG who are excellent.

I’d collected the best athletes that could be found on the South Coast (well from Hedge End Running club) and we assembled in the New Forest for a nice 50k to look at many animals and have a nice day out.

Well, it was lovely! What a nice day, what a nice race and what a generally nice bunch of people to spend a day with! I think the right word is splendid

I didn’t realise as group organiser I had to carry Princess Tiggy over the water!!!

All that was left before starting work was one last cycle with the gang on a weekday

FullSizeRender (3)

So that’s me done for 2018, awesome year of doing cool things I’d never done before and starting to learn some new skills like cycling (thanks Jenny and Naomi) and swimming (thanks Mike). Am currently injured so rest and rehab for me until the new year.

2019, well, I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot. Stuff I’m committed to:

  • Guernsey Ultra – lovely weekend away with my wife with a race thrown it. Probably the most scenic race I’ve ever done + the sausage rolls at checkpoint 2 are to die for!
  • Cycle to Paris from home. As always, the best plans are started in a pub! So we will be cycling from home to Paris in May – may need some luck for this one!
  • Pier to Pier swim in Bournemouth – having spent so much time learning to swim I really should try and do a swim
  • Serpentine Swim – I want the London Majors medal. Simple as that. It would mean shed loads to me to get it. I’d never done any of the 3 sports before I started and to achieve landmark races in each discipline would be pretty cool. That medal will definitely be hung in the wall of fame in the downstairs toilet!!!

But that’s it in the diary! I would like to put in a couple of triathlons in there and a cycle or two and maybe a run so any ideas you have please let me know! Please do!



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