Review of the year and 2018 Awards!

I can’t believe it’s come round so fast, which in itself means I’m getting old and sounding more and more like my parents!!!

I set out the year with one main goal, to achieve under 5 hours at Brighton and then to just enter stuff as I felt like it. Well to ruin the ending, that didn’t happen for a variety of reasons and maybe I’ll come back to that goal in due course!

I wasn’t working for a chunk of the year so that gave me a chance to exercise well for Brighton, and I was in good shape for it, but after Brighton I was able to keep on exercising daily and it really paid dividends. Not so much in times, or pb’s or anything like that, but just the ability to say yes to totally random things that I previously wouldn’t have been able to do. I was able to do mid week runs with Jenna, Jo and John (there’s a band if ever I saw one – John and JJ or triple J). Enter races at the last minute (Pilgrims way ultra or Jurassic Ultra) and generally get on my bike and and cycle to things, just because!

Brighton, luckily didn’t dominate my year as, over a coffee on our weekly cycles, Naomi, Jenny and I decided to do Ride London. I was able to throw my energy into that as a new goal which was great fun with two amazing people raising loads of money for KIDS and Kicks Count.


My one line review of my 2018 races! Like racecheck but more fun:

Raid 28, Paris – bonkers race, great fun, got very lost, a lot!

Wiggle Rocket Race – cancelled due to ice, amazing bacon butty on the way home. I think Tom was relieved.

Brighton marathon – poo and rainy

On the Whistle – Wickham whistler – Lovely lapped marathon with Jo and the Stallion with a dose of Danielle, a bit of Bridget and a modicum of Mike!!! (Even I’m impressed with that!!!)

White Start – Larmer 10 – I thought I could chat but Bridget and Becky do not stop, ever!!!

IOW round the island cycle – bloody hills but nice views

Endure 24 – Great as always, may have maxed the pre-match festivities a little strongly

On the Whistle – Insomniacs marathon – A lesson in not doing an overnight marathon so hungover you can smell booze the entire time. Luckily Jo was more hungover than me and Lisa somehow put up with us!

XNRG round the island – gutted not on next year – bloomin hot

Ride London – lush but wet

XNRG Pony Express – everything great the New Forest and hedgies have to give

Abominable Snowman – blimey! Awesome! Hilly! Wet!


This year I ran 912 km (874 in 2017), cycled 1658km (874 in 2017) and swam a bit!

Awards – the bit you’ve all been waiting for

Most Hills – Round the island cycle. All I wanted was one flat bit… Oh, and not mentioning as you come into Cowes you think you’ve finished and oh no, here’s a hill and another hill to get up! There was swearing at that point, only equaled by Dan’s swearing.

Permission to say c0ck – run to park and ride from work, forget keys, swear a lot, run back to get keys and run back to park and ride! Did I mention it was raining?

Grumpiest person alive – Tiggy on the morning of Endure. Man alive she was grumpy

Only runners understand – Midweek, John, Jo and I went for a lovely run to the New Forest for some reason or other. Jo was training for something and when we got to the platform to get the train back, the mileage was just short so she ran up and down the platform until the train came. Loon

Best hangover the morning of a race – Jenna pre-Endure!

Grumpiest Kiwi – Mike Jarvie – he can grump for England, well New Zealand

Biggest achievement – whilst I might look like shamoo (the whale at Sea Life, might be dead) having a fit, I’ve actually enjoyed, in equal measures, learning to swim and annoying Mike!

Most “being a tool moment” – falling over in a mountain race in France and being brought back to the start. The medic however, fetched me a beer and was rather fetching herself.

Best Entrance to an event – the award goes to Simon for turning up at the cyclathon in a Tux. I also know he’d been giggling to himself all morning at home waiting to make a quiet entrance!

Totally empty at the end of a race – the end of the Jurassic ultra. That last 2-3km went on forever into driving rain to the sailing centre.

Most awesomeness seen in trainers – This award is split between Hannah and Marcus. Hannah has been doing loads of running and even cycling as she strives to become Mrs Superwoman! Genuinely an inspiration (and makes exceedingly good cakes). Marcus, stupidly decided to become friends with me and has a key weakness which is to say yes before no! He cycled until his bum looked like one of those baboons at the cyclathon and then decided to do the snowman where I thought he might kill me.

Enjoyed organising and wasn’t sure I would – to help fill the time I organised 2 adventure races round hedge end and west end for the running club. Great fun to organise and I think people enjoyed.

Best Meal – lasagna at 2am with Jo and Lisa at the insomniacs race. All races should have lasagna and garlic bread half way round.

One of the best moments on a bike – cycling with Naomi, andy and Ron being the blushing bride through Winchester! Hooting our horns, bullying bystanders to clap and generally having a great time. OK OK it wasn’t all about her, we had fun to!

Unlikely event to happen – Hannah asked to go for a cycle on her birthday and the four of us went for a cycle round the new forest!!!

Most patience and tolerance – Gemma, my long suffering wife

Favourite photo of the sporting year

That’s it folks as they used to say in the cartoons. Thanks for an amazing year. I’ve made amazing new friends through races, like the bloke from the Jurassic race who shared his life story and used the phrase “once in a race time friends”, Dave from the Pilgrims Way who I hope to run a marathon with again and a whole heap of others. To those who stayed friends with me, fair play, I’m not sure I would. And finally, to Nicola, you owe me a race next year!

2019 is looking awesome already! I’m wearing a dress, being made by Roberta, for the Marathon du Medoc and am sharing a caravan with 5 virgins for the White Star Jurassic Marathon.

Have a great 2019


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